About Us

Frontier Air is a family owned and operated company, established in 2014.

We stand for broadening the horizon in terms of skill, technology, and capability.

Despite years of experience in the field, Frontier technicians are dedicated to continually expand their knowledge base and research the best possible solution in each unique situation, rather than stick to a single set of outdated standards of procedure.

We proudly research the most modern and eco-friendly equipment and materials, so we can give you the best bang for your buck now, and let you watch your savings accumulating for years to come.

Located in northern Massachusetts near the New Hampshire border, with a branch in Boston, we proudly service both rural and urban areas.

Whether you live within Greater Boston, on the North Shore, or in southern New Hampshire, do not hesitate to call Frontier Air—your local environmentally friendly heating and cooling expert.

Nothing is too difficult or too far for us at Frontier Air—contact us today with any request, be it a new installation, regular maintenance, or an unexpected repair.