New England is famous for its erratic weather changes, and your family should be cozy inside your warm home when the first sudden temperature drop hits.

You likely would not be happy to come indoors one January day and find that your heat does not work and the temperature inside your house is rapidly approaching the temperature outdoors. Now imagine this situation, but after shoveling snow for three hours—a likely scenario in our part of the world. Even if you are a newcomer, you have probably heard of New England winters, and have an idea what you are up against. However, the reality might still surprise you, especially how much the weather forecast can underestimate the upcoming events. Frontier Air can ensure that you have a warm haven to retreat to from the first (or the twentieth) shock of the cold season.

Whether your existing heating system needs servicing, replacing, or you are installing heat in a new home, Frontier Air has the perfect man for the job. You can count on careful guidance throughout the whole process. We povide an unlimited selection of makes and models of heating systems and take into serious consideration the cost, efficiency, and dependability of what we offer. The final decision on which factors are most important is yours, and we will facilitate by providing personalized recommendations based on your needs and your budget.

The heating services we provide:

  • The heating services we provide:
  • Central Air Heating Installation & Maintenance
  • Boiler Installation & Maintenance
  • Furnace Installation & Maintenance
  • Ductless Mini-Split Installation & Maintenance
  • Heat Pump Installation & Maintenance
  • Baseboard Installation & Maintenance