Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor® Program

Call us today and enjoy up to a 12 year manufacturer’s warranty!
Frontier Air has partnered with Mitsubishi for many years to provide expert home heating and
cooling solutions, and has completed the Diamond Contractor® program training to enhance our
expertise in the finer points of Mitsubishi systems.
Extensive experience and a dedication to continuous development are required for a nomination
to the selective program, and established Diamond Contractors stay up-to-date with the latest
equipment and industry innovations. Whether you already feel confident about trusting
Mitsubishi, or need additional information to compare brands and models, Frontier Air is your
go-to expert.
Selecting a registered Diamond Contractor ensures you receive the professional guidance of a
team that is enthusiastic about improving the processes of assessing your HVAC needs, helping
you choose a system, and providing you with the answers you need. Your decision to engage a
Diamond Contractor for the installation of your new Mitsubishi system also comes with the
added benefit of an extended product warranty of up to 12 years.
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